Saturn, Marketing, and Nicaragua with Tom Finn and Vicky Winkler

Talent Empowerment with Tom Finn

Aug 10 2023 • 39 mins

What happens when you’re ready to switch gears in your career path? Vicky Winkler is the owner of The Marketing Shop. In this episode of the Talent Empowerment Podcast, Vicky shares everything about her experience working at General Motors, transitioning from a corporate role, the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, and the importance of being grateful for what we have.

🎙️Talking Points:

(2:57) How do you empower your career?

(4:59) Vicky’s management style

(6:49) Facing challenges as a business owner

(12:19) Working at General Motors

(23:04) Becoming an entrepreneur

(30:41) Vicky’s experience volunteering in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua

🌟About Vicky Winkler:

Having spent 35 years in marketing positions in corporate, nonprofit, education and as an entrepreneur, Vicky has learned that one of the secret weapons to success is spectacular branding and graphic design.

She has worked in corporate, nonprofit, education, and entrepreneurship. And the biggest turning point in her life and career was serving in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua.

With a career journey that has taken her through all facets of the marketing world, she stresses the philosophy of “have no regrets” to listeners in their lives and careers.

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