Internet Marketing Grind with Tom Finn and Joe Balestrino

Talent Empowerment with Tom Finn

Apr 6 2023 • 39 mins

Joe Balestrino has over 20 years of expertise in Internet marketing. He specializes in digital marketing, SEO, and pay-per-click advertising. Joe explains how Google AdWords has evolved dramatically over the previous 20 years. He offers advice for individuals on a tight budget and discusses the difference between internet marketing advertising and how to ensure your landing page is effective.

Talking Points:

{01:10} Joe’s deep domain expertise and marketing experience.

{05:45} The minimum budget for an organization to gain traction?

{09:25} Common mistakes made with google ads.

{11:25} Increasing leads without increasing traffic

{13:30} Negative keywords

{19:45} Comparing SEO, Pay per click, and Social Media Marketing

{22:00} Creating effective landing pages

{32:30} Advice for the next generation of marketers

Joe Balestrino Bio:

Joe is a freelance SEO consultant with more than 17 years experience. He started out as a self taught web designer in the mid-nineties. Realizing that a great website alone rarely translates into increased traffic, he set about to become a leader and innovator in Search Engine Optimization. Joe created Mr-SEO in 2004 and became a leader and recognized expert in the SEO community. In 2008 Joe sold Mr SEO to pursue other marketing ventures.

Joe later took a role at ALM Media as head of SEO, creating marketing strategies for over 30 websites. This included news sites, e-commerce, e-learning and directories. After nearly 5 years at ALM Joe took a senior role at yodle where he headed up the SEO strategy for large franchise clients such as; Miracle-ear, Macco, Two Men And A Truck, Merry Maids, Deca Dental, Hand & Stone and other “big brands”.

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