14. TEACHER PEP TALK: For When You’re Doubting Yourself and Letting Limiting Beliefs Keep You Stuck

The Resilient Teacher Podcast

Aug 26 2022 • 15 mins

EPISODE 14: In this week's teacher pep talk, I’m talking about one of the mindsets and belief systems I encountered recently that was keeping me stuck.  This episode is going to be your motivation to look for those teachers who have it all together and borrow their belief systems, transform your weaknesses into strengths, and remind you that you are a resilient teacher - that you have that choice!  We are talking about limiting beliefs, how our strengths and weaknesses play a part in our overall emotional state, and how we can overcome these limits by borrowing belief from various other places. I want these episodes to be more real and honest, like we are two teacher besties just chatting it out, while providing you with motivation, validation, or just a pick me up for your morning rides to work or your afternoon unwind.  We know that it is super important to have a supportive community around us and I want you to know that even if you don't have that in your school, your state, you do have me. I can't wait to hear what you think about this style of episode and for you to hear the bonus episodes for motivation, validation, and support each Friday of August!  So go ahead and follow this show so you can be alerted which each episode goes LIVE!

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