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Same China. Different stories. We are the ones who found our way in a new life, Adopted Babies from China. Chinese adoptees' stories and the stories of those lives they have become a part of.  This podcast acts as a personal journal, archive, and resource for adoptees and others.  Want to share your story? Email adoptedbabiesfromchina@gmail.com @adoptedbabiesfromchinapod on Instagram/ Facebook. Please rate and review. Music| bensound.com

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Apr 13 2020
2 mins
Discover those roots that I felt I was deprived of with KatieActually I came back to the US in January 2020 with KateI'm not special anymore, I’m a pattern with DannyI was afraid I was a sort of imposter claiming Japanese heritage with KelliBeing lost and stitched back together through love and family with AmandaTouchdown on American soil, you’re adopted! with HopeIt’s the 50th episode with the trailerThere were a lot of occasions where it was just one. It was just me with MaryI want what I want, I’m an adult. I've been denied it for most of my life with VictoriaYou get confronted with the things you are running away from with XiuXiuIt’s never going to go away even if I try to behind a Chinese name with MaddyNot always in the mood to be patient with TaraWe were the chosen ones, they got stuck with you with LilyOfficially on paper or officially biologically with SienWe had so many people say we are going to have our worst fight on the trip with KiraShare your feelings when you can in the best form you can with meHaters gonna hate -- they can go take a hike because it’s not their life with MingIt was never ok to not be ok with MakaylaActually you know it’s me, ultimately what I am feeling is meThey called me big sister with Laura