Fostering Human-Centric Innovation Through Data Transformation with Paula Bartgis, Chief Information Officer, Sun Life U.S.

Life Accelerated

Jan 10 2024 • 33 mins

After 150 years in the business, Sun Life U.S. has developed a keen digital strategy that integrates technology and business operations while boosting client engagement and revitalizing its approach to healthcare connectivity, benefits management, and client satisfaction.

Paula Bartgis, Chief Information Officer at Sun Life U.S., is leading the company in this transformation and joins Life Accelerated to discuss developing the Sun Life Onboard platform and leveraging AI in call centers to digitally overhaul the life insurance sector.

Listen in to learn how Paula Bargis and Sun Life U.S. are demystifying the process of a digital-first ethos in their life insurance endeavors.

Key Takeaways:

  1. A client-centered digital transformation strategy can increase efficiency and satisfaction.

  2. Transformational leadership values flexibility, team empowerment, and the creation of a fail-fast culture pivotal for sustaining long-term digital innovation.

  3. Digital initiatives positively impact organizational growth, from improved client engagement and sales to enhanced employee satisfaction and development.


[00:00] Introduction to the episode

[00:12] Paula’s career span

[01:38] Background on Sun Life U.S.

[05:41] Digital transformation within Sun Life U.S.

[08:32] The importance of methodology

[11:49] How Sun Life U.S. measures transformational value

[14:25] When Paula joined Sun Life U.S. and how different it was back then

[17:43] The significance of Sun Life U.S. Onboard

[21:33] Providing a safe environment for your organization to grow

[22:48] Paula’s perspective on project management

[26:05] Learning as a team and allowing room for mistakes within company culture

[27:42] Shifting employees as needed to upskill

[30:51] Closing


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