Episode 577 - This 'N' That - Julia Child Says - Nyc Street Foods - The Fall 2001 Tv Season - Dynasties

Instant Trivia

Sep 10 2022 • 7 mins

Welcome to the Instant Trivia podcast episode 577, where we ask the best trivia on the Internet.

Round 1. Category: This 'N' That

  • 1: Although born in Florida, Missouri, Mark Twain grew up in this city on the Mississippi River.
  • Hannibal.
  • 2: This reddish spice can be sold in both ground and stick form.
  • Cinnamon.
  • 3: In England the unit of volume roughly equivalent to a quart is spelled this way.
  • Litre.
  • 4: Legend says the Dannebrog, now this country's flag, dropped from heaven during a 1219 battle.
  • Denmark.
  • 5: "It Pays To Enrich Your Word Power" is a feature in this monthly magazine.
  • Reader's Digest.

Round 2. Category: Julia Child Says

  • 1: They're easily peeled and the whites are tender when done in a pressure cooker.
  • eggs.
  • 2: "Pain Francais", it goes well with a salad nicoise.
  • French bread.
  • 3: People on diets can cook with wine since this which "carries the calories", gets cooked out.
  • alcohol.
  • 4: If a turkey breast is tough, this was probably done too soon after slaughter.
  • freezing.
  • 5: This French term translates as "high-class cooking".
  • haute cuisine.

Round 3. Category: Nyc Street Foods

  • 1: (Sofia is on Park Avenue, enjoying a pretzel, when....) Oops! I forgot to get a side of this traditional yellow condiment.
  • mustard.
  • 2: (Sofia is tasting a Mediterranean delicacy.) This pita contains little balls of this, a deep-fried Mideast treat made from chickpeas or fava beans.
  • falafel.
  • 3: (Sofia is enjoying a foreign potato product.) From the Ukranian for "dumpling", it's the name of the potato product I'm eating.
  • knish.
  • 4: (Sofia holds up a slice of thin-crust pizza.) You can get pizza New York-style or in this thicker style named for an Italian island.
  • Sicilian.
  • 5: (Sofia wraps up our taste of the Big Apple--with a stomache--and a bottle of a well-known product for curing such.) Fortunately, also available in New York is this Procter and Gamble tummy-soothing liquid.
  • Pepto-Bismol.

Round 4. Category: The Fall 2001 Tv Season

  • 1: "Criminal intent" is NBC's latest spin-off of this series.
  • Law and Order.
  • 2: The agency in CBS's "The Agency" and behind ABC's "Alias".
  • the Central Intelligence Agency.
  • 3: This actress "Blue" off "NYPD" and headed to "Philly".
  • Kim Delaney.
  • 4: Mr. Holland on film, he became Max Bickford on TV.
  • Richard Dreyfuss.
  • 5: Rose McGowan is the new Halliwell sister on this WB series.
  • Charmed.

Round 5. Category: Dynasties

  • 1: "New Yorker" humorist Robert begat novelist Nathaniel, who begat "Jaws" author Peter.
  • Benchleys.
  • 2: Oil magnate John D. begat philanthropist John D., Jr., who begat N.Y. Gov. Nelson, Ark. Gov. Winthrop, etc..
  • the Rockefellers.
  • 3: Movie producer Darryl begat movie producer Richard.
  • Zanuck.
  • 4: Oscar-winner Ed begat frequent Emmy nominee Ed Jr..
  • Begley.
  • 5: Louisiana Governor Huey P. begat Louisiana Senator Russell B..
  • the Longs.

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