Episode 587 - Lakes - The Grammy Awards - Babysitting Tips - Moving Around The Dial - Traveling

Instant Trivia

Sep 20 2022 • 7 mins

Welcome to the Instant Trivia podcast episode 587, where we ask the best trivia on the Internet.

Round 1. Category: Lakes

  • 1: Leech Lake in Minnesota is the largest of this river's headwater lakes.
  • Mississippi River.
  • 2: Lake Titicaca is the largest lake on this continent.
  • South America.
  • 3: Named for a British king in 1755, this New York lake empties into Lake Champlain from the north.
  • Lake George.
  • 4: Lake Biwa, Japan's largest lake, lies near Kyoto in the west central area of this island.
  • Honshu.
  • 5: The deepest point of this southeastern Siberian lake is about 3,800 feet below sea level.
  • Lake Baikal.

Round 2. Category: The Grammy Awards

  • 1: In 1974 this N.C. Democrat's spoken word recording, "Senator Sam at Home", received a Grammy nom..
  • Sam Ervin.
  • 2: Of Inspirational, Country or Rock 'n" Roll, the type of music for which Elvis won his 3 Grammys.
  • Inspiration.
  • 3: His "Live on the Sunset Strip" album was 1982's "Best Comedy Recording".
  • Richard Pryor.
  • 4: Henry Mancini's music from this Craig Stevens TV series won "Album of the Year" in 1959.
  • Peter Gunn.
  • 5: This guitarist has won 7 Grammy Awards for "Best Country Instrumental Performance".
  • Chet Atkins.

Round 3. Category: Babysitting Tips

  • 1: Ask if the little darlings have any of the food type of these; milk, egg and peanut are among the most common.
  • allergies.
  • 2: Mom and Dad may restrict kids' TV to shows with this letter rating, the same as the blandest movies.
  • G.
  • 3: Learn diapering skills at sitter certification classes from this group whose "American" branch dates from 1881.
  • Red Cross.
  • 4: If little Cindy gets into the medicine cabinet, you can reach the closest of these centers at 800-222-1222.
  • poison control centers.
  • 5: Some kids won't go to sleep without this rhyming item, though a 1999 study suggests it may cause myopia.
  • night light.

Round 4. Category: Moving Around The Dial

  • 1: (Hi, I'm Ian Ziering) On "90210" the Walsh family moved to Beverly Hills from this state.
  • Minnesota.
  • 2: As the Fresh Prince, Will Smith moved from west Philly to this ritzy California enclave.
  • Bel-Air.
  • 3: Frasier left his Boston practice to host a radio show on this city's KACL.
  • Seattle.
  • 4: She left her troubled past in L.A. for not-so-sunny Sunnydale, mecca to demons and vampires.
  • Buffy.
  • 5: Lisa and Oliver Wendell Douglas left Manhattan life for a Hooterville farm on this '60s series.
  • Green Acres.

Round 5. Category: Traveling

  • 1: A cold beer is just the thing to quench your thirst when cruising along this river in the capital of the Netherlands.
  • the Amstel River.
  • 2: If you're a U.S. citizen, you'll need one of these to visit China and we don't mean the credit card.
  • a visa.
  • 3: Families enjoy the Boudewijn Park and Dolphinarium in this European low country.
  • Belgium.
  • 4: For her cabin on this type of Cunard vessel, a Victorian-era traveler packed this type of "trunk".
  • a steamer.
  • 5: Finding guidebooks of his time boring, this Hungarian started his own travel series with 1936's "On the Continent".
  • Eugene Fodor.

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