That Thing I Do

Cadence13, Este Haim & Darren Criss

Join Este Haim, Grammy-nominated bassist for the band HAIM, and Darren Criss, Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actor, as these close friends chat weekly with special guests. They discuss their mutual love of music and pop culture, and take a deep dives into the funny, weird quirks of successful people, all with the objective to explore “the thing” that makes them who they are. What makes them tick? What’s their secret ingredient? How do they get pumped before a big performance? That Thing I Do is a presentation of Cadence13. read less

Our Editor's Take

Actor Darren Criss and rocker Este Haim might seem like an unlikely duo. That Thing I Do explores that friendship, and their friendships with others. This podcast is ideal for pop culture fans and those wanting to celebrate the nature of friendship. From Evan Rachel Wood to Stephen “Thundercat” Bruner, each friend on the show has a unique story to share.

What sets this podcast apart is the hosting duo's deep understanding of each other and their guests. Listeners can expect to hear from Maya Rudolph, Reggie Watts, and Carly Rae Jepsen, among others. Each episode features candid conversations with special guests speaking about their passions.

Avid fans have already guessed where the title of the podcast originated. That Thing You Do was a classic cult film of the '90s. The movie starred Tom Hanks and Liv Tyler and paid homage to '60s music and pop bands. It celebrated artistic enthusiasm and collaboration. Most bands that formed since then can quote just about every line from the movie. The cohosts take this movie and their craft seriously.

That Thing I Do is a great podcast to play when hanging out with friends. Many will enjoy it on their own as well. Listeners can hit play on Amazon Music now to make new friends that feel like old ones.

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