The Magenta Project: Meg Reilly

Platform: The Podcast

May 27 2024 • 18 mins

This October will be a historical moment for Women in Sailing when twelve teams compete for the inaugural Women's America's Cup Trophy. Touted as a key step for women's sailing and the sport progressing towards gender equality at the professional level, if the desired outcome is achieved, only time will tell. However, while considered the pinnacle of the sport, the America's Cup is only one aspect of professional sailing and as a whole, the sport of sailing still has a long way to go with many hurdles to overcome on it's path to greater gender equality, access, and diversity. Working behind the scenes and leading the way is the Magenta Project, a global charity created to build a sustainable network and programme to ensure more equity and inclusion for women in our sport. This episode we speak with Magenta Project Chief Coordination and Engagement Officer, Meg Reilly.

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