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Toyin Crandell

The Millionaire Money Podcast with Toyin Crandell teaches business owners and career professionals how to think like a millionaire, make wealthy decisions, and take strategic action to create the millionaire bank account and lifestyle you deserve. We’re here to answer one question: “How can you build wealth, get rest and create a lasting legacy while doing work that enriches you... without skipping the lattes?" If you want to know the answer, subscribe to our podcast and we'll see you next Wednesday.

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Isi is a world changer. Go Getter. A strong woman who knows exactly what to do within her business. Her only problem was… persistent self sabotage that kept her from receiving. There was something inside her that had her hustling, working, doing ALL the things but not receiving a financial reward that reflected her expertise. More than that, the cash flow crunch was real and persistent. Isi was going through the motions of survival. She knew she needed to work on her mindset, but wasn't sure how exactly to fix the patterns she was seeing. She was smoothing over the problem with positive affirmations (which she hated) instead of getting to the root. Though she was praying, she wasn't praying with intel into the real problem. Searching for Youtube videos on budgeting. Downloading apps. Consolidating debt to try and lessen the reality of it. She knew exactly what she wanted and where she wanted to be. But her mind would literally hold her back from believing she could REALLY get there. She would walk right up to her breakthrough and then crumble in front of it… until 8 weeks ago. 8 weeks ago she got started in Money Mindset SHIFT. Join myself and Isi as we talk about exactly how she ↬ Shifted from money being SCARCE and overworking to get nothing. To now, knowing abundance is real and actually experiencing it! ↬ Became a strong financial contributor in her household and watched her online business go from “dream” to paying off debt, funding a wardrobe change, and supporting others. ↬ Was finally able to forgive someone who had caused a lot of pain for her in the area of finances after YEARS of trying - like she said, she could FINALLY have a conversation with them and feel real love for them. BLESSING!! ↬ Finally truly understood and believed that she deserves and can have good things ↬ Gained the confidence of knowing that her mission to change lives and everything she is doing is WELL within her league Annnd… had her largest 5 figure launch within her business while taking care of two toddlers SOLO (mumpreneurs know, that’s no joke). Then… landed speaking opportunities at major corporations like Google etc. And is now... setting up her business to bring in over $1 million in the next year because the floodgates have been opened and she is finally a partner in her own success.
Mar 23 2022
49 mins
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