Overcoming Mediocrity with Christie Ruffino

Christie Ruffino

Overcoming Mediocrity is a podcast for success-driven women who want to empower their thoughts, design their dream businesses, and build beautiful lives that are aligned with their destinies—hosted by Bestselling Author and Business Strategist Christie Ruffino. This show is for every woman on the edge of change who’s ready to rise up, overcome mediocrity, reinvent herself, elevate her thinking, and transform her life. Each episode features today's top influencers and entrepreneurs on the rise as they share empowering stories and ninja tips meant to become the FUEL that will ignite a positive change in YOUR life and the lives of others. Our guests didn’t simply coast through life, they didn't let difficult situations stop them; they set big goals, kept their eyes on the prize and they’re joining us today to share insider secrets and valuable resources you can use RIGHT NOW to step into your power and fulfill your purpose in life. Join Christie each week for powerful conversations, uplifting interviews, mega doses of inspiration, and valuable resources.

OM86: Anna Weselak | Running a Business With EaseOM85: Dawn Gaden | Shift Your Image - Manifest the Life of your Dreams
On Today’s Podcast This week I sit down with Dawn Gaden. Dawn Gaden is the CEO of Mind Body Counseling & Coaching, an international speaker, and a successful entrepreneur. Dawn is a powerhouse in the field of personal development. She is internationally known for igniting positive change. Her global coaching program – The Image Shift, 3 Secrets to Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams, is powerfully transforming professional women’s lives around the world. Dawn has devoted her life to studying with the best in the field of change work. Dawn has been mentored by speaking icons like Bob Proctor and Christopher Kai and has spoken on stages and podcasts to over 10,000 people. Dawn has over 21 years of experience as a licensed counselor, coach, and registered yoga teacher and has a unique expertise in changing the brain with exercise in a practice called intenSati. As an intenSati leader, Dawn teaches her clients a whole-body experience that creates a sustainable and powerful image shift that forever impacts their lives. Dawn was born and raised in Michigan, where she currently lives with her husband, Mike, of 22 years. She is raising four amazing boys, including 15-year-old twins! She especially loves paddleboarding, taking long walks on the beach, and going on wild adventures across the country with her family each year. But she is most grateful for the gifts she has discovered through her journey with cancer. It was in this experience that Dawn learned to thrive by living from a heart-centered place, choosing to never compromise her joy and happiness for struggle and limitations.   How to Connect with Dawn www.createconsciousliving.com Instagram: @dawngaden Facebook: @dawngaden LinkedIn: Dawn Gaden TikTok: @dawngaden   Get Dawn’s Gift Below 👇 GET THIS GIFT AND MANY MORE HERE!
May 11 2022
35 mins
OM84: Patricia Stepler | 3 Steps to Live a Bigger Life
On Today’s Podcast This week I sit down with Patricia Stepler. Patricia Stepler is the only Mindset Productivity Coach who utilizes an innovative, proven 3-step system for business leaders around the world who want to accomplish their dreams and live the lifestyle they choose, at a time when most leaders allow the world to dictate what they can accomplish, so that leaders have more time and money freedom. Patricia enables participants to discover the “magical” powers that they possess inside their own minds so that they accomplish more in a year than they ever thought possible. By building new habitual thought patterns individuals, teams and even companies shift from where they currently are to where they REALLY want to be by learning how to get onto the frequency of the goal desired. Patricia incorporates her vast amount of knowledge and experience from working with personalities with DiSC, building strong leadership teams, dealing with cultural change where she personally experienced leading a team to achieve increased results. She has presented numerous workshops and trainings in these and various other aspects of management and dealing with employees. Patricia has studied human potential and has been personally mentored by multiple coaches including Bob Proctor. She exemplifies understanding in personalities and leadership skills needed to successfully transform businesses, so businesses have can double or triple their business in a year. She is available for speaking in businesses, conferences, or motivational keynotes. She has a variety of digital programs and does group and individual coaching also.   How to Connect with Patricia patricia@yourdreampower.com www.yourdreampower.com www.facebook.com/patty.stepler www.linkedin.com/in/patriciastepler www.instagram.com/pattystepler 717-372-2636   Get Patricia’s Gift Below 👇   Access Our Free Gift Vault GET THIS GIFT AND MANY MORE HERE!
May 4 2022
31 mins
OM83: Antonia Van Becker and Greg Lee | Tapping Into Your Body's Wisdom
Apr 27 2022
36 mins
OM82: Ann Hession | Allergic to Sales? You’re Not Alone, and There Is a Cure!OM81: Steve Feld | Your Message is Money! Want More Money?
On Today’s Podcast This week I sit down with Steve Feld. Biz Coach Steve Feld, MBA, is a Certified Business Coach, Author, Podcast Host, Professional Speaker, and award-winning Business Management Executive. Over 500 businesses have sought out his services to work with them on gaining much-needed clarity, implementing solid strategic plans, and achieving positive growth results. How does he obtain the best results for them so quickly? He focuses on the foundation of the business. Steve is passionate about business growth, efficient operations, and long-term success. With the high-end content he delivers in his presentations, his audience can immediately implement for fast results. He believes business can be fun, so his delivery is entertaining thus resulting in high engagement. Steve has built, owned, and operated 7 lucrative businesses. He has consulted with other businesses providing change management and process improvement. He operated within 3 Fortune 500 companies, manning and boosting an entire division for them. In addition to his extensive U.S. experience, he works with global businesses to improve and streamline their operations. Written 6 books. Today, businesses hire Biz Coach Steve to skyrocket their revenue and profits. With an array of resources from 1-on-1 and group coaching to mastermind facilitation and an E-Learning Academy and proprietary software, Steve has all the proven tools and resources businesses need to expand. Contact Biz Coach Steve to see how he can help you grow your business faster and without all the overwhelm and stress.   How to Connect with Steve www.bizcoachsteve.com www.facebook.com/groups/entrepreneurialgrowthforum www.facebook.com/bizcoachsteve www.linkedin.com/in/stevefeld YouTube: https://bit.ly/2AaIeGj https://twitter.com/BizCoachSteveF https://calendly.com/sfeld Podcast: https://bizcoach.libsyn.com   Get Steve’s Gift Below 👇 GET THIS GIFT AND MANY MORE HERE!
Apr 13 2022
35 mins
OM80: Mark Davis | Burning the BoatOM79: Lindsey Oaks | How You Say It Matters : How Clear, Consistent Communication Can Set Your Business up for Success!OM78: Lora Georgieva | Everything You Need to Know About CollegeOM77: Christie Ruffino | 3 Surefire Strategies to Up-level Your Business and Make More MoneyOM76: Felecia Etienne | Own Your Power to Next Level Your ResultsOM75: Wendy Ellin | From Chaos to Clarity – 3 Steps to Mastering How You work No Matter Where You Work!OM74: Victoria Sol | Lifting the Layers to Vibrant HealthOM73: Bill Hoffmann | What It Takes to Succeed as an EntrepreneurOM72: Schroeder Nordholt | Passion is the Fuel, Your Voice is the VehicleOM71: Barbara Katz | Supercharge Your Dating Confidence: Bringing Your Authentic Self to Your Dating LifeOM70: Jackie Lapin | The Art of Getting Booked EVERYWHERE!
Jan 26 2022
37 mins
OM69: Dr. Rich Greene | How to Win in Sales 100% of the Time, Even When the Prospect Says "No!"OM68: Isabel Draughon | Tap Into Your Inner Strength and Reclaim Your PowerOM67: Christie Ruffino | Epic Goals Made Easy – Transforming Dreams into Reality to Have Your Best Year Ever!