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Heavy Metal March Madness: Black Sabbath
Mar 1 2021
Heavy Metal March Madness: Black Sabbath
The month March brings to mind many things ranging from Leprechauns and St. Patrick's Day festivities but to sports fans this month is special because of March Madness where Division 1 college teams duke it out for basketball supremacy...Here at the Rants From the Black Lodge Podcast we love our heavy metal and 2021 will begin a new tradition in the style of the famed NCAA single elimination tournament with a hard rockin' twist.The Rant Army, song by song will whittle down the original Black Sabbath catalog to decide which head banging anthem will reign supreme.Album by album, each panelist will have 2 minutes to argue their pick for the best song and the tune with the most votes will advance in the tournament.In the event that each panelist picks a different song, there will be an elimination vote and the 2 remaining songs will be voted one with only one moving to the next round. This will continue until there is only one song left standing.Each album and song will be designated a random number to correlate with its bracket position to keep the matchups as unbiased as possible.Guitar maestro Tony Iommi, legendary bassist Geezer Butler, drumming titan Bill Ward and the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne. Singularly they stand as Icons, together they become rock gods. Few composers, artist or bands can boast that they invented a musical genre, however in 1970 with 3 demonic notes the boys from Birmingham England opened the mouth of hell and gave birth to the greatest form of music known to mankind or otherwise... heavy fucking metal!50 years later no band has touched the sacred sonic riffs, the haunting lyrics or the pounding rhythms. Tonight we crank the dial to eleven as when pit Sabbath song against Sabbath song but only one can win HEAVY METAL MARCH MADNESS!HOST: Brandon A. LaneCOMMENTATORS: Fat Tony & Phatphuk ScottSPONSORS:NGW Wrestling@NextGenTNMasks By Lance@MasksByLancefacebook.com/Masksbylance-378383049442223/Blake Best@BlakeBest1428FATHOM by Blake Best can be purchased at this link:https://blakebestauthor.wixsite.com/blakebesthorror/books?fbclid=IwAR1sEA9UW863yZ6oi4P800CWvGduMbzbA9Kb-p1Q47XwIU6hzSb0j7VnzCgPLEASE SUPPORT THE PODCAST BY PURCHASING MERCHANDISE FROM OUR WEBSTORE AT rantarmy.comPROUD MEMBER OF PROJECT LOUDER(Formerly the Dewback Discussion Network)projectlouder.net