The Joy to Lead Podcast

Kaylan Thompson

Welcome to the Joy to Lead Podcast, hosted by Kaylan Thompson. This is a podcast for entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders who want to cultivate joyful, natural and confident leadership, lead teams of purpose and impact, and rise up a legacy of leaders in their wake. Every week we meet with business leaders to bring you life-giving strategies and encouragement to help you grow your team, scale your business, and step into the leadership role you were created for.

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Dec 4 2019
1 min
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As business owners, CEOs and the visionaries of our companies, it’s important for us to identify our own growth roles as we make hires and build our teams. Often, for many of us this means we’re able to step into a more lucrative and visible role as the face of our company. In doing so, speaking is one of the number one ways to accelerate our company’s growth, widen the net we cast for our visibility, and radiate the impact our business has on the world.Jessica shares her deep and powerful message of how she overcome intense and turbulent personal challenges and she answers all the questions I could ever ask about how to discover our own message and share it with the world.Full shownotes are at www.joytolead.com/jessica-rasdallPOWERFUL QUOTES FROM JESSICA RASDALL“When we start to shift our focus on the difference we’re making and less on how it’s being received, it becomes so much easier.”“The only story that matters is the one your audience needs to hear. If we don’t start with the question of ‘what do they need from me,’ you’re going to tell the wrong story.”“Most of the frustration from speaking is not because your presentation isn’t great. It’s because you’re not leveraging it the way your business needs you to leverage it.”“You feel like you’re talking to everybody, but from the stage you only need to talk to one person. When you can focus on the one person you’re meant to impact, it’s so much more impactful.”“If you’ve ever sat in the audience and thought, ‘I’m meant to be up there,’ you probably should!”Connect with Jessica RasdallListen to the Speak to Scale PodcastMeet Jessica on her websiteLearn about Jessica’s Speaking Strategy AcademyDownload your free Speak to Scale Roadmap: Your blueprint for scaling your business from the stageHelpful Links and ResourcesFor more information on the Leadership Academy, visit www.joytolead.com/academy!
Sep 7 2021
42 mins