REPLAY - Mastering Time Management by Discovering Your Energetic Rhythms with Ali Cranmer

The Joy to Lead Podcast

Sep 14 2021 • 40 mins

Ali Cranmer is a body & business integrator, and today she's joining us to share her secret weapon for avoiding burning out and using our unique energy cycles to master time management - cycle syncing!

Cycle syncing is using your menstrual cycle to discover your energetic rhythms and then aligning your actions with those rhythms. It helps us to identify our moods, feelings, and energy levels which ultimately helps us to plan and sort of predict the future instead of just waking up and being the subject to whatever energy is playing out in us that day.

The typical work energy cycle of the day is based upon masculine energies, a 24-hour testosterone cycle - but women’s energy cycles are so much different. We operate on a balance of inward and outward energy.

Full shownotes are at www.joytolead.com/ali-cranmer

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