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The Journey is the Reward was a show about obtaining 3 Million Mile status with United Airlines in less than 18 months. The show was about the journey in achieving these miles and United 1K status for life. However, now that Brian has achieved the 3 Million Mile goal, in 13 months, the show has morphed a bit into a travel show. Sure, he is still documenting his quest for 4 Million Miles and lifetime Global Services status but he and Micah cover so much more. So come travel the world with Brian as he attempts to reach yet another milestone and talked with subject matter experts along the way. read less


Episode 71 : Avelo Gets Me To Drink Wine
Apr 29 2024
Episode 71 : Avelo Gets Me To Drink Wine
On episode 71, Micah and I talk about my trip to Medford Oregon with my neighbors to drink wine.   But first, we have some Listener Mail from Listener Todd. Todd reminisces about his time in Lodi, CA and not his son is working in the wine industry there. Then we answer a question from Listener Leslie. She wants to know about our oldest airplane we have flown on. And as usual, it's a difficult question to answer. Listener Lu wants to know if we see anything wrong with the new American Airlines pilots’ contracts? In Additions, Corrections and Shoutouts, I ask for help with the project I'm working on at the California Science Center. We are looking for anyone with experience in the field of aviation to make a donation of time, talent or funds to support a program for disadvantaged students. Micah and I also share our heartfelt condolences to Listener Matt and his family. Matt lost his mom who was 96 years young and just an incredible woman who I had the pleasure of meeting. Micah and I lighten up the conversation and talk about my experiences on Avelo. Sadly, they are no longer the airline I want to love. Then we conclude the show with a mention of the Singapore meetup at LeVeL33 on Friday April 19 at 7:00PM. LeVeL33 is located at the Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1 on the 33rd floor. I hope to meet you there! The opening and closing music is provided by the Madalitso Youth Choir as they sing their Welcome Song and their Good By song, recorded at the lobby of The Royal Livingston Hotel in Zambia. We hope you enjoy the show!