Concerts That Made Us

Jan 13 2022 • 49 mins

This week Brian is joined by Merlin.

MERLIN's eccentric roots come from far and wide. Born and raised in Germany and Albania before settling in Boston, she has embraced her European story as an influence and cornerstone for her life and sound. At a young age, she used music as a means to learn English; and from that, began a euphoric musical exploration that became a career.

She isn't just an edgy-pop artist; MERLIN conducts her distinctive sound through a marque of mystery, beauty and poetry. If you ask her what her songs consist of, she'll tell you, "life, personal experience, death, and MAGIC."

On this episode we discuss:

Merlin's exposure to music growing up.

How she got to where she is in the music industry.

How she approaches songwriting.

What's in store for Merlin in 2022.

Songs included in this episode:

1. Can't Touch This

2. Spiral.

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