Perception IS Reality w/Kristopher H. Bilbrey

Kristopher H. Bilbrey

Host Kristopher H. Bilbrey is a no nonsense... well, maybe a little bit of nonsense... Political Activist, Local Government Watchdog & all around good Hoosier and God-fearing American citizen! With over 30 years experience in Local, State & National Politics and having a low threshold for stupidity, corruption & laziness within government... Bilbrey is in the unique position to help engage the hearts & minds of citizens, NOT ONLY, in his home state of Indiana... but Beyond. Bilbrey has a passion for ensuring those in government are in compliance with the laws & practices of each City, County, State and the Constitution of the United States of America! He is committed to educating citizens about the importance of participating in government and he invites you to join in on the conversation. The focus here, will be to use real life common sense to work through the issues facing all of us... as we attempt to "Better Government through Citizen Involvement." One thing is certain... this podcast is sure to enlighten, entertain and/or enrage you as Bilbrey proves that most of the time, what it 'looks like' and 'seems like'... turns out to be 'just what it is', proving that on the stage of "Political Theater... Perception IS Reality!" TO GET YOUR 'PERCEPTION IS REALITY' MERCHANDISE VISIT OUR STORE @ http://bit.ly/PerceptionStore! Find Bilbrey on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/Bilbrey318 Call or text the show @ 765.546.9796 Or email the show @ Khbilbrey@gmail.com Help the show by donating @ https://www.patreon.com/PisR New Episodes air every Tuesday!

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Episode 186: Old Shirt/New Shirt
Episode 186: Old Shirt/New ShirtEpisode 185: Pissed Off!Episode 184: The Pain of the Campaign!*BONUS Episode* Brittany Kloer v JD Prescott Debate *BONUS**BONUS Episode* Interview with Brittany Kloer (R) Candidate for IN HD 33 State Representative *BONUS*
Host, Kristopher H. Bilbrey, welcomes Brittany (Bridges) Kloer to the show for this "special BONUS EPISODE!" Brittany is a Republican Candidate running for State Representative in Indiana's 33rd House District (and for those that live in the District she is asking for your support & vote in the May 3rd, 2022, Primary Election). Brittany is running as a TRUE "Constitutional Conservative" and she has the full support & endorsement of the 'Perception IS Reality' crew! Brittany is a teacher in the Indiana Public School System, and has been for 12 years... she has also been an educational legislative advocate, as well. Brittany, along with her husband, Brandon, live in Portland, Jay County, Indiana. She first ran for the District 33 seat back in 2020. Even though she came up short in that race, she still put up decent numbers for a first time Candidate, considering she was also dealing, as was everyone, with the first few months of the Worldwide "Covid 19" Pandemic! Her first, failed, attempt and the fact that the incumbent has become increasingly less reliable, is more concerned with trying to keep his power and secure his future positions, all while, he appears to be working less & less for the citizens of his District... has fired Brittany up and she is ready to WIN the 2022 Primary Election on May 3rd! Join the conversation to learn more about District 33's "TRUE, Constitutional, Conservative..." Brittany (Bridges) Kloer! Brittany's Campaign Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BrittanyKloer33. Brittany's Personal Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/brittany.bridges.5477. Brittany's Website: https://www.brittanykloer.com. Brittany's Email Address: BrittanyKloer33@gmail.com. Link to the Indiana House District 33 Map: https://bit.ly/INHD33. Link to Prescott's Explosive Town Hall Meeting from 02.19.22: https://bit.ly/No2JD Link to Brandon Kloer's Interview about the ACLU Lawsuit: https://bit.ly/JD168 Sponsors for this BONUS Ep: Brittany Kloer (R) Candidate for Dist 33 State Representative... https://www.facebook.com/BrittanyKloer33. & Reliable Plumbing Services: 765.252.3665 or msplumbing2018@att.net. Stay Safe, Stay Tuned & Stay True! Perception IS Reality w/Kristopher H. Bilbrey 03.27.22 (& Special Guest: Brittany Bridges Kloer) Kris can be found @ www.facebook.com/Bilbrey318 (Produced by: The Vulgar Poets) Special Guest: Brittany Bridges Kloer.
Mar 27 2022
2 hrs 9 mins
Episode 183: Don't Stop Walking!Episode 182: Out Jesus...Episode 181: Education Matters in Politics!
Join Kris as he welcomes Justin Oakley to the program. Justin has been in and around State & Local Politics for 20 plus years & is known as the "Education Guy" throughout Indiana, where he has taught and been an advocate for teachers, students & education, as a whole. He has attempted to "lay low" in the last few years but current events just keep pulling him back in! Getting educated & active in politics matters now more than ever... but those in power know that too, and they are trying to stop citizen involvement! In Politics, as well as everywhere else, "Education Matters!" This episode should make for an interesting conversation, with Kris feeling fed up with his "Republican Party" and Justin being of the more Liberal persuasion... will Kris & Justin get along and/or agree on anything? Listen to find out! Justin Oakley was a candidate for State Superintendent of Education in 2012 against the Incumbent, Tony Bennett and he is the former host of his own podcast called: "Just Let Me Teach!" He is a great conversationalist, using intelligence & humor to drive home his talking points in all things Education & Politics. (Also, make sure to listen up for the "BREAKING NEWS"... while the news is VERY REAL there is a pat on the back & an 'attaboy/girl for those listeners that get the parody!) Sponsors for Ep #181: Bob McNally's "Strumstick"... https://strumstick.com. & BeanFruit Coffee Company... https://beanfruit.com. Perception IS Reality w/Kristopher H. Bilbrey & Special Guest: Justin Oakley 03.02.22 Kris can be found @ www.facebook.com/Bilbrey318 (Produced by: The Vulgar Poets) Special Guest: Justin Oakley.
Mar 2 2022
56 mins
*BONUS Episode* Indiana's District 33 State Representative J.D. Prescott's Town Hall (02.19.22) *BONUS*
BONUS EPISODE: Complete, Start to Finish, Recording of the Town Hall Meeting Held by Indiana's District 33 State Representative J.D. Prescott on Saturday, February 19th, 2022. Host Kristopher H. Bilbrey spliced together 2 separate recordings of the meeting that took place at the Randolph County (Indiana) 4-H Fairgrounds. The audio IS NOT THE BEST... because it wasn't recorded with studio equipment. There are places where the audio gets quiet, loud or cuts out briefly. Please understand this was the best recording that could be made, based off of the original 2 recordings! This was the meeting in which Representative Prescott stormed out, for a short time, after the first comment. He then went back in and a short time later said, "LGBTQ Behavior is not normal behavior and should not be normalized!" There are then many other crazy things he said during the meeting. Give it a listen and then share the show with everyone you know. Republican Brittany Bridges Kloer Candidate for State Representative of Indiana's District 33 (Prescott's May 3rd, 2022 "Primary Election" Opponent). Check out Brittany's campaign page here: https://www.facebook.com/BrittanyKloer33. Time Line: 00:00:00 - 00:19:33 ~ Intro. 00:19:34 - 02:03:43 ~ Prescott Town Hall. 02:03:44 - 02:05:00 ~ Outro. Sponsors for this BONUS Ep: PodBean... https://sponsorship.podbean.com. & Bob McNally's "Strumstick"... https://strumstick.com. Perception IS Reality w/Kristopher H. Bilbrey 03.01.22 Kris can be found @ www.facebook.com/Bilbrey318 (Produced by: The Vulgar Poets)
Mar 2 2022
2 hrs 5 mins
Episode 180: Watching Democracy Fail!Episode 179: Morals Matter!Episode 178: Flowers & Sausage!Episode 177: Sick of CovidEpisode 176: The Death of Decency!*BONUS Episode* Abortion *BONUS*Episode 175: Michigan School ShootingEpisode 174: FEAREpisode 173: 2076Episode 172: Will Trust Return Now?Episode 171: Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Goat Yoga!