Episode 171: Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Goat Yoga!

Perception IS Reality w/Kristopher H. Bilbrey

Oct 27 2021 • 1 hr 38 mins

Join Host Kristopher H. Bilbrey, as he welcomes Special Guest: Jordan Stevens. Jordan is the owner of an agribusiness called "Happy Goat Lucky Yoga" based out of Hamilton County, Indiana! The problem is... Hamilton County Government shut her business down because she dared to run it from her farm! That's right this is a "PROPERTY RIGHTS" episode... so click the link and join the conversation & fight! Link to the "Reason" Article mentioned: https://bit.ly/rdchglyhc. Link to the "Happy Goat Lucky Yoga" website: https://www.happygoatluckyyoga.com. (Donate if you can/want). Link to the "Happy Goat Lucky Yoga" FB page: https://www.facebook.com/HappyGoatLuckyYoga. Sponsors for Ep #171: National Concealed Carry Association... https://nationalconcealedcarryassociation.com. & Vital Farms... https://vitalfarms.com. & Rocket Mortgage... https://www.rocketmortgage.com. Also, to get some PERCEPTION-GEAR in your life, check out the "Merch IS Reality" store at the following link: https://merchisreality.square.site. Perception IS Reality w/Kristopher H. Bilbrey & Amber Greene & Special Guest: Jordan Stevens 10.27.21 Kris can be found @ www.facebook.com/Bilbrey318 Amber can be found @ www.facebook.com/amberbousman www.facebook.com/groups/346784843160593 www.beautycounter.com/Ambergreene (Produced by: The Vulgar Poets) Special Guest: Jordan Stevens.