Investigation ramps up as Mike Pompeo engages with January 6 Committee

CNN Tonight

Jul 28 2022 • 39 mins

Multiple sources tell CNN Trump’s former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo could sit for a deposition as early as this week, as the January 6 Committee’s investigation shifts to cabinet-level officials. And it's now clear the DOJ hasn't been dragging its feet, as it focuses on potential criminal charges for individuals connected to both seditious conspiracy, and the fake electors scheme.

Senators Manchin and Schumer announce a surprise agreement on The Inflation Reduction Act, which provides $369 billion for climate change programs and assists Americans with their medical bills. And, The Federal Reserve hikes interest rates by 0.75% for the second time in two months, as the White House plays down recession fears. Plus, a potential deal is being negotiated to exchange a convicted Russian arms trafficker dubbed “The Merchant of Death” for the release of WNBA star Brittney Griner and former Marine Paul Whelan.

Hosted by Laura Coates.

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