We chat all things beauty boss business. We are more than skin deep in this podcast, we delve the why behind the brands the how they are doing things and what makes their product brand or business stand out amongst the crows. Sharing business journeys, chatting to founders & key people in the business and how they've made their mark as a beauty boss. As a beauty Pro host Melanie Burnicle is always asking questions and wanting to know more so if your a beauty professional who wants to keep up to date or a beauty consumer who wants to know the insider info in the beauty world this is for you

EP1. Beauty Boss Business featuring Nedahl Stelio founder of Recreation Beauty
Aug 19 2022
EP1. Beauty Boss Business featuring Nedahl Stelio founder of Recreation Beauty
This Beauty Boss Business interview Melanie Burnicle sits down for a chat to Nedahl Stelio about creating an all natural luxury fragrance in Australia. Nedahl's personal health journey is what led about the creation of Recreation Beauty. From editor of leading magazines and a hugely successful journalist to researching just how she could create a luxury fragrance that was good for you and wait for it, good for the environment also. Nedahl's products are fragrance body oils and face oils they are all natural, vegan and the packaging itself is a masterpiece. The products are considered on all levels as she chooses to be part of the solution with packaging and not part of the problem. This stellar beauty boss shares her personal and business journey, diving in to what it takes to get an idea like this off the ground with no experience in the sector, the importance of understanding your brand and what it represents. It's packed with beauty and business knowledge and know how a business philosophy that's to be admired. These natural beauty products are delivered as a luxury brand from the scents to the packaging and the entire experience you receive when on the Recreation journey. It is pure luxe and just what you and your body deserve. The range consists of sensational natural luxury fragrances, Body oils melding a combination of eight beautiful, natural, hydrating oils, an amazing face oil. My favourites are stardust and at night we dance. These 2 fragrances are unisex and the perfect blend of masculine and feminine. Head to Recreation Beauty to see all of their beautiful products