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What is TWS? TWS stands for "The White Pants Society". Yes, that should be TWPS but it's a long story. This is a show about serious topics that tries not to take itself too seriously. Your host, JDotFlan, is a father, recovering addict, and washed-up rapper that each week discusses his perspective on life, fatherhood, relationships, music, and anything else that seems interesting. It's tongue-in-cheek humor that is sometimes offensive, sometimes poignant, often unscripted, but always real. If any of that makes sense to you then you are one of us and I welcome you to TWS (the p is silent).

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Episode 249 - The Questions Pt. 3
Episode 249 - The Questions Pt. 3Episode 248 – Shouts To MomsEpisode 247 - Petty Wins RacesEpisode 246 – The Offense MatrixEpisode 245 - Ghetto Indiana JonesEpisode 244 - I Am Not From BaltimoreEpisode 243 - W.I.P.Episode 242 - Don't Try This at HomeEpisode 241 - Excuse MeEpisode 240 - Let's Not Play the GameEpisode 239 - 2 Kinds of PeopleEpisode 238 - The Story of AdonitologyEpisode 237 - What is Love?Episode 236 – I Think I Peaked in Middle SchoolEpisode 235 - Trying Something NewEpisode 234 - StreakingEpisode 233 - When Being Cheap Goes WrongEpisode 232 – Naughty by NatureEpisode 231 – Another OneEpisode 230 – Not In Kansas Anymore