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I Won’t Let You Down
I Won’t Let You DownL8 NIGHTAlready DeadBEST OF 2021 TRACKSChanging MoodsLOST MY WAY
Nov 6 2021
46 mins
What's up everyone! Happy Halloween! I love October and Halloween. So this month I have 2 mixes for you all. So the first mix is what I was going to use to make this months mix. Its about 30 mins. the second mix I made for a co-worker of mine who like the aggressive side of Drum & Bass. I love mixing ALL styles of Drum & Bass so I was happy to make that mix for my co-worker. So I decided to do a 2 part mix. 1st 30 mins. is what I would do with all new releases. Part 2 is aggressive AF, but fitting for this month. I am assuming most will not like part 2. So listen to the fist 30 then, and next month will be normal schedule program. I hope you all enjoy Happy Halloween smell you all next month. Also feel free to share, download & tell all your friends & family to check out the tunes. Thanks! appreciate you all.  Part 1 Alpha 1) Why - Scar 2) Trinity(Skeptical remix)- Alix Perez 3) Alpha - Benny L 4) Shut the Front Door - Benny L 5) Cracks - Shadows 6) Split - Half-Life  7) Just hold On - Dub Elements 8) Minefield _ Technimatic  9) What dem a talk Bout(Ft. Dj 108) - Lovely  10) Had To (Ft. Dj 108) - Lovely 11) The Locksmith - T>I  12) Valid Statement -T>I  13) Let it Go - T>I  14) Give it to Me - Drumsound & Bassline Smith  Part 2 HORRIBLY RIBBED Rob Zombie Intro 1) The Taste of Flesh - Sinister Soul  2) Horribly Ribbed - Donny & Audio 3) Nemisis - Athys & Duster  4) Crawler - Donny  5) Your World (Katharsys Remix) - Donny 6) Fucking Offensive (Katharsys Remix) - Donny  7) Domination -Forbidden Society & Katharsys 8) 1 of Them - Limewax  9) Medieval Beating (Audio Remix) - Donny 10) Inner World (Donny Remix) - Katharsys 11) Creator & Destroyer - Donny & Forbidden Society  12) Burn it Down - Audio 13) Mafia - L33 14) Sleazebag (Ed Rush Remix) - Mefjus 15) The Punch - Forbidden Society
Oct 4 2021
1 hr
Whats up everyone! Sorry about last month I made some more changes in my life. I quit amazon F*%k amazon don't go work for them. I got a new job which is much better. I can have a normal work week, have holidays, time and 1/2 & have air conditioning, not be taken advantage of and not have body pains . Everything you hear about amazon is true do not work for them. Anywho so  yeah I got a much better job with all the fixings and am much happier. So again apologize for last month. Here is the new throwdown I hope you all enjoy. Thank you all for listening tell ALL your friends, family & co-workers to share download all my mixes. haha!!! Appreciate All of You who Listen. Lets get to it.  1) Life of a Dj (Ft. Demolition Man Waeys Remix) - Voltage  2) Hindsight (Dj Marky Remix) - Blame  3) Time goes by - John B & Digital 4) Diamonds - Chris Munky, Severity & Ruth Royall 5) Go where I go - Soul Intent  6) Down for whatever (jubei Remix) - Lenzman  7) Component -Jubei & Submotiv 8) Slipstream - Jubei  9) Wake up - Paul T & Edward Oberon  & A Little sound 10) Darkmttr - S.P.Y  11) Step it to'em (Booyaka) - Unkoded 12) The Underground - Justin Hawkes  13) Operator - A.M.C  14) Bass - A.M.C  15) Town Underground - L Plus  16) Edge of the dome (Yatuza Remix) - Twisted Individual & Yatuza 17) Banner VIP - Cnof 18) No Respect - Farflow  19) Untouchable - L-Side  20) High Times (Break Remix) - L-Side & MC Fats  21) Spellbound (Spirit Remix) - L- Side  22) Nightprowler (Alibi Remix) - L-Side & Inja  23) Terror - Levela  24) Emerald Funk - Kublai 25) Furtile - Ill Truth  26) One Life - Benny Page, Sublow Hz, & Samo T
Jul 26 2021
55 mins
Down for WhateverI Got YouBREAK FREE 3/3/21DEFUSE 1/18/21CROSSWAYS 12/19/2020Untitled Dub 11/07/2020RUN AWAYINSIDE MY HEAD
Welcome Everyone. New month new podcast time again. I always try to bring new tracks to the tables, and I did. Next week I am thinking of doing a liquid mix. When I'm looking for tracks I always go for all the newest releases I can find which is why there is a big variety of different tunes. So this is what I found throughout the month and this is what I mixed. It seems you all like the liquid stuff a lil better than a gritty ass mix. I will still keep doin what I do with the variety, and there will still be some gritty tunes....well lets see what I'm delt this month. So as usual feel free to download, share, tell all your friends and family here is the next mix thank you all for listening!  P.S if there is a track or style of mix like jungle, all liquid, heavy bangers, old school dnb you want to hear let me know leave comments. I also do house & tech house & bass house mixes on my soundcloud & mixcloud site search dj digity.  1) Inside my head - Hadley 2) Redemption -Alibi 3) Ganja Man - Acuna  4) Who Knows (Ft. Chronixx Shy Fx Remix) -Protoje 5) Playing with fire - Logistics  6) To the top (Ft. Siege Mc) - Krakota  7) Try to love me - Keeno  8) Psychoactive - Kasra & Particle  9) Low Tap - FarFlow 10) Hack it - K Motionz & Dus 11) Come back to me - S.P.Y 12) Bring me down - Kumarachi  13) Spud Gun - T>I 14) The Fever - Taxman  15) Home Grown (Phibes Remix ) - Beat assassin 16) Cold Air - Voltage  17) Venus (Ft. Mc Nutcracka) - Tyke  18) Right now - Acuna  19) Run Tings - Kodan  20) Chop house - Serum  21) Where did you go? (Bladerunner remix) - Kaia Vieira & Bladerunner  22) Next Step - T>I 23) Affinity - Kusp 24) Early morning - Visages  25) Parlet - Dj Marky  26) Pull Me In - Krakota & Karina Rampage
Sep 7 2020
53 mins