I Am The Gate and The Good Shepherd: John 10

A Closer Look

Aug 30 2021 • 21 mins

There are all kinds of metaphors used in the ancient world and the New Testament. A common one is shepherd and sheep. In this episode of A Closer Look Pastor Cullen and Clayton walk through what it means when Jesus says, "I Am the Gate" and, "I Am Good Shepherd." Happy Listening! If you would like to partner with us financially we would be honored and you can do so here: https://mywellhousechurch.churchcente... Our Socials: WellHouse Church Website: mywellhouse.church Instagram: @mywellhouse.church Facebook: @mywellhouse.church Youtube: Wellhouse Church - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1Ls... Pastor Cullen Instagram: @PastorCullen Facebook: @Pastor Cullen Youtube: @PastorCullen - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfUd... Clayton Instagram: @jcware99 Facebook: Clayton Ware Our Identity: WellHouse Church is a church seeking to reimagine what the church is. Too many people have been hurt by a church in their past, because church has become something that it was never meant to be: an event or building that we attend. At WellHouse, we believe that the people of God are the church and that the love of God should be experienced through the people of God. So, WellHouse has returned to a New Testament expression of our faith by meeting in homes and dedicating ourselves to: the teaching of the scriptures, the fellowship of the believers, the breaking of bread together, and praying together for one another. We are focused on being a genuine expression of Christian hospitality and service to our community and the people of our community. At WellHouse we want to be a place where people can Be Real, Be Relational, and Be Restored. As our leadership was dreaming up this vision, we looked at Scripture and saw that the earliest expressions of the church met in homes and it was rare that all of the believers were together. Today, most churches have found themselves spending a large portion of their budget on buildings that they rarely use. Not WellHouse. We want to keep our overhead low so we can spend our money on the things that matter, being the hands and feet of Jesus. So, we meet in the homes of our members for the majority of our meetings. Once per month, we all come together at a rented facility to devote our selves together as the whole church for the purpose of worshipping God together.