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An award-winning collection of short fiction by diverse authors from the furry community, read for you with love.
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“Red Delicious” by Buddy Goodboy
“Red Delicious” by Buddy Goodboy“Jump” by Madison Scott-Clary (read by the author herself)“Owl’s Nest” by Harry [18+]“A Reading from the Gospel According to the Wolf” by Rob MacWolf (part 2 of 2, read by the author)“A Reading from the Gospel According to the Wolf” by Rob MacWolf (part 1 of 2, read by the author)“A Perilous Brew” by Arcane Reno“Midnight” by Kayodé Lycaon [18+]“Puplift: A Dog's Guide to Space, Chapter 2” by Tempe O'Kun (read by the author)
Nov 5 2021
13 mins
“A Class Act” by Aero Dragneel [18+]“This Poem Is Haunted” by Rob MacWolf (read by Madison Scott-Clary)“And the Chunnering Wyrm doth Chide” by Rob MacWolf (read by the author)“The Hand Of God” by Madison Scott Clary (read by B. P. Rugger)“Brunhilda” by Nenekiri Bookwyrm (read by Kergiby)
Clive and Sherman are about to find out the truth to the rumors of spirits on the train they’ve hitched a ride on. But will they survive? Today’s story is“https://www.sofurry.com/view/1736997 (Brunhilda)” by https://twitter.com/Nenekiri_Dragon (Nenekiri Bookwyrm), who is a dragon that makes games and writes stories. He’s also been known to paint and play the ukulele on occasion. When he’s not reading from his hoard of To-Read books, he makes time to write some stories of his own. He’s recently been featured in https://www.etsy.com/listing/1031240816/signed-paperback-of-shark-week-anthology (Shark Week: An Anthro Ocean Animal Anthology) by https://madisonkeller.net/ (Rainbow Dog Books), and you can find more of his stories on http://www.nenekiri.com (www.nenekiri.com). He who seeketh danger, comes not back empty handed. If at all. Old proverb, of possible relevance. Also of possible relevance: the things seen on crossroads, bridges, train stations, and all the other liminal spaces where the known and the unknown meet. But judge that relevance for yourself, listener, in “Brunhilda” tonight on the Ghost of Dog.thevoice.dog | https://www.thevoice.dog/apple (Apple podcasts) | https://www.thevoice.dog/spotify (Spotify) | https://www.thevoice.dog/google (Google Podcasts) If you have a story you think would be a good fit, you can https://www.sofurry.com/view/1669084 (check out the requirements), fill out the https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1z81u5O2i8PWSfEpzaVhHeTjrp1kKP7TX?usp=sharing (submission template) and get in touch with Khaki on Twitter or https://t.me/khakidoggy (Telegram)!
Oct 27 2021
30 mins
“A Sweet October Night” by Pascal Farful (read by Rob MacWolf)“Jenny-Burnt-Tail” by Huskyteer (read by the author)“Come the Storm” by Tony Greyfox (part 2 of 2)“Come the Storm” by Tony Greyfox (part 1 of 2)“The Green Night” by Rob MacWolf (part 2 of 2, read by the author) [18+]“The Green Night” by Rob MacWolf (part 1 of 2, read by the author) [18+]“Milk and Brass” by Ian Madison Keller (read by the author) [18+]