“A Strong, Dominant Hand” by Drakolf Grimm/Diretooth [18+]

The Voice of Dog

Apr 8 2022 • 17 mins

[18+] Alexander has had a busy day at the office, and with the aid of his personal butler, he can enjoy some close and personal relaxation. Today’s story is “https://www.furaffinity.net/view/43763376/ (A Strong, Dominant Hand)” by https://www.furaffinity.net/user/diretooth/ (Drakolf Grimm, AKA Diretooth), who is an up and coming writer who has fairly recently posted his adult fiction, and has been posting an ongoing web novel by the name of https://tapas.io/series/legendoftraveler (Legend of the Otherworld Traveler), hosted on Tapas.io. Read for you by Rob MacWolf — werewolf hitchhiker. thevoice.dog | https://www.thevoice.dog/apple (Apple podcasts) | https://www.thevoice.dog/spotify (Spotify) | https://www.thevoice.dog/google (Google Podcasts) If you have a story you think would be a good fit, you can https://www.sofurry.com/view/1669084 (check out the requirements), fill out the https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1z81u5O2i8PWSfEpzaVhHeTjrp1kKP7TX?usp=sharing (submission template) and get in touch with us on https://twitter.com/voiceofdogpod (Twitter).