032. Time to throw out the old fashioned speaking rule book

Speaking Made Simple™

Jan 2 2023 • 22 mins

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73%. That’s the number of people struggling with glossophobia. Fear of public speaking or presenting. That’s a big number. 73%. That means that most likely 3 out 4 people are afraid of speaking in public.

Even so, I believe it’s necessary that you overcome this fear, if you struggle with it.

Why? If you think that fear of speaking up in public and showing up confidently is not impacting the quality of your life or business, you need to think twice.

Communication is the backbone of our society. Being able to show up as a genuinely confident communicator is a necessity.

However, long gone are the days of focusing solely on the rules and technical side of speaking. Getting stuck in our heads because we are too freaked out about the filler words of “umm and like” won’t make us better communicators, just more rigid ones. And how’s that any helpful.

So, if the old days and ways of Toastmasters and Dale Carnegie Speaking Institute are not helpful or comprehensive enough than what works? What CAN make someone a genuinely confident and powerful communicator? Well, stick around and you’ll find out.


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