The Modern Extractor

Jason Showard

The Modern Extractor is a podcast about the processes, equipment, and science found inside a cannabis extraction laboratory. Season one focuses on the process of ethanol extraction and post processing into either distillate or isolate. Season two focuses on hydrocarbon extraction and the craft concentrates that it can produce. Each episode digs deep into a particular stage in the extraction and finishing processes, and we discuss the various approaches with industry expert guests. Episodes are released in an order which follows the work flow through a lab, following material closely through the process from cultivar to concentrate.
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S4 E01 - Real Time Extraction And Distillation MetricsBonus E08 - MJBizcon 2021 Show Floor InterviewsBonus E07 - MORE MJBizcon GLG Media Suite InterviewsBonus E06 - MJBizcon GLG Media Suite InterviewsBonus E05 - MORE Live Interviews From The Extraction Expo FloorBonus E04 - Live Interviews From The Extraction Expo FloorBonus E03 - Leading Extraction Publications And ConferencesS3 E06 - Inside The Industry, With Sidco_CatS3 E05 - The Evolution Of Hash, With Frenchy CannoliS3 E04 - Cannabinoid Conversions: Delta 8 THC And Other IsomersS3 E03 - The Rise Of Automation In Extraction SystemsS3 E02 - Modern CO2 Extraction TechniquesS3 E01 - Future 4200: Building A Community To Advance An IndustryBonus E02 - An Oral History Of Hydrocarbon ExtractionS2 E06 - Hydrocarbon Extraction And Finishing Technique SOPsS2 E05 - CRC And Filtration Media In Hydrocarbon ExtractionS2 E04 - Closed Loop Hydrocarbon Extraction SystemsS2 E03 - Hydrocarbon Extraction Solvent Selection And Quality StandardsS2 E02 - Hydrocarbon Extraction Facility Safety, Permitting & ConstructionS2 E01 - Hydrocarbon Cannabis Extraction Overview