S1 - Episode 010 – Doomsday Breach Prepping - 101

Cyber Distortion Podcast Series

Jun 15 2022 • 53 mins

When the world comes crumbling down and your entire existence is burning to the ground, will you be prepared to handle it? What am I talking about anyway? The post-breach apocalypse, of course. What else?!

You see, we have all heard it said so many times, “It’s not a matter of IF you get breached; it’s a matter of WHEN!” Well, if that is true, do you think you should be making every possible effort to get as prepared as possible ahead of time? We do! That is precisely why have handpicked the special guest for this episode.

Stephen Cracknell is an Amazon best-selling author with experience in a very critical area that we know you can improve in by absorbing his wisdom. We know that, because we all can improve in this area.

Stephen and his team at USM Technology are passionate about helping business leaders repel cyberattacks. They work with IT leaders across Texas to build out comprehensive incident response plans designed to ensure that the IT team, as well as the company’s leadership, work effectively during the critical first 72 hours after a cyberattack.

Their focus is helping IT leaders develop a plan that brings critical business processes back online quickly, so their leadership team is not forced to pay the hacker’s ransom. Your well-designed recovery plan also avoids data loss, business downtime, irate customers as well as injury to your company’s reputation and your career.

So, sit back, refill your coffee mugs, and pull up a chair. It’s time to dive into an episode we’ve titled DOOMSDAY BREACH PREPPING 101! Yee-haw!


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Jason Popillion is a CISSP and serves as a CIO/CTO of a SaaS company and Kevin Pentecost is a CISSP, CISM, CEH, CPT, MCSE, CCA, ITIL-F and serves as an Information Security Director for a manufacturing company.