S2 - Episode 003 - “AI and ChatGPT is Scary Sh*t! – Part I”

Cyber Distortion Podcast Series

Mar 20 2023 • 55 mins

What in the world does AI and ChatGPT have to do with Cybersecurity? Well, this episode is going to answer that question for you, and so much more!! In today’s exciting episode, Jason and Kevin discuss the incredible world of AI with special guest and white hat hacker extraordinaire, Justin “Hutch” Hutchins.

The sole purpose of this episode is to touch the topic of Ai and open your mind as to how you need to be thinking about it. How might AI intermingle with the world of Cybersecurity? Is this whole thing just another over-hyped topic that will fade away in a few years, or is it here to stay?

Take a seat and ride along with the boys as they delve into this topic with a true subject matter expert in the field of hacking and AI and see what he has to say.

We think this one might just blow your mind!


Justin’s posts and conference talks can be found here on his “Sociosploit” blog:


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