Best Versions: From Average to Excellence

Rushdhi Ismail

Do you feel you’ve achieved something in your life, but you find it challenging to balance your faith, fitness and family? Rushdhi Ismail, a computer engineer turned nutrition and life coach uses his experience of over 25 years in the personal and spiritual development field to provide you with practical tools to move from average to excellence. These tools are based on Islam and science so that you can unlock your fullest potential to achieve your best versions in the most important areas of your life. Find tons of free resources, tools and blogs on www.bestversions.me

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Best Versions Trailer
Jan 7 2022
3 mins
Episode 15: Part 1 - How To Transform Your Marriage From "Meh" To "Wow!"Episode 14: How Refining Your Thoughts Will Lead You to an Inevitable Inner PeaceEpisode 13: The Unbelievably Easy Tool to Enhance Your Relationship TodayEpisode 12: How to Strive Towards a Life of Excellence After RamadanEpisode 11: How to Reignite Your Physical Energy With Two Awesome Tools After Ramadan!Episode 10: Why Genuine Giving Is an Amazing Way to Achieve SuccessEpisode 09: How Practising Gratitude Can Make You Spiritually and Mentally a Better PersonEpisode 08: How These Simple, Zero Cost Ways Can Increase Your Energy During FastingEpisode 07: How to Take Your Fasting to the Next Level Using a Simple ToolEpisode 06: How to Nourish Your Soul and Strengthen Your Connection with Your LordEpisode 05: How to Boost Your Metabolism and Lose Fat Without Actively Exercising!Episode 04: How to Boost Your Faith and Fitness Using a Flourishing Mindset!Episode 03: How to Level up Your Love Life!Episode 02: How to Use Breathing to Control Your EmotionsEpisode 01: How Active Du’a Changes the Course of Your Life!Best Versions Trailer