80. African and Childfree by Choice feat. Zeezee A.

Mommy Oyoyo

Jan 26 2024 • 33 mins

Typically in African society and culture, women are expected to not only have, but WANT to have children. From childhood, African women are generally told by society that marriage and motherhood are the ultimate life goals. In this episode, I speak with Zeezee, who has never felt the longing to be a mother. She shares very candidly about how she came to the decision to be childfree, navigating pushback and societal pressure, having difficult conversations with potential partners, and more!

Whether you're firmly childfree, questioning your options, or simply curious about this life path, this episode is for you.


1. Introduction to Mommy Oyoyo

24. Getting My Tubes Tied

52. African Dad Vasectomy

79. What I Miss About Life Before Kids

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