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An exploration of the wonderful and creative world of craft beer. We are two guys called Dave who love to talk all things craft beer! We release a new episode every three weeks, with news, views, features, interviews plus our Drinkalong feature in conjunction with haul-beer.com as we take an in-depth look at the UK craft beer scene.

Daftaboutcraft - Craft Beer Podcast - Episode 22 (November 15, 2021)
Nov 15 2021
Daftaboutcraft - Craft Beer Podcast - Episode 22 (November 15, 2021)
There's plenty of fireworks in our latest episode, as we welcome two breweries for extended chats for the first time!First up is Gareth from Epochal, who Dave B discovered when on honeymoon in Scotland. Gareth is all about barrel aging beers, and also tapping into Scotland's proud brewing heritage. His beers really stand out from the crowd so be sure to try some from his new webshop!Also joining us is Dominic from Carnival Brewing Company in Liverpool. Carnival have gone from strength to strength, tapping into the city's amazing music scene and becoming a big part of a vibrant community. Their can art is sensational, and so are the beers!In another first, three beers from the same brewery feature in our Drinkalong section. We try Unbarred's single hop, single fruit trilogy while also talking advent calendars and Daftaboutcraft beer hats!If that's not enough we pack our bags and head to Mexico via Hebden Bridge for Vocation's All Saints and All Souls limited edition beers for Hype or Tripe, plus roadtest beers from Malt Coast and Crop Brewing Co for Brew To Me.We are two guys, called Dave. We're massive fans of the craft beer scene and we release a new episode every three weeks. We are proudly sponsored by Haul! Beer and we team up with them for our Drink Along With Us feature in every episode.Read more in Feed Spot's top 30 craft beer podcasts, which you can see here. Check us out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook too!