The Hunting Stories Podcast

The Hunting Stories Podcast

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Our Editor's Take

The Hunting Stories Podcast is a program for hunters from across the globe to share personal testimonials. They discuss pursuing various game, including bear, deer, elk, hog, and turkey. It discusses different game hunting strategies, equipment, and safety strategies. This type of information may lead to a more successful and safer hunt.

The creator, host, and producer of this podcast is Michael Scrogan. He is a Colorado resident who has been hunting for several years. In 2024, after several years of hunting with rifles, Scrogan widened his scope. In an interview with Brandon McDonald, Scrogan said that his guest helped him pick a new bow. He was able to do so by watching McDonald's YouTube channel, which focuses on the topic. Scrogan works as an account executive for a software company when not hunting.

A positive note about this podcast is that it speaks to hunters from different places in the US. This is important for new hunters, as other regions have different types of game. The terrain in each region also has its own distinct challenges to navigate. Knowing what difficulties to plan for ahead of time helps to increase the odds of success. It also helps keep all hunting party members safe, which is essential.

There are even a few notable figures who have been podcast guests. Derek Wolfe is a former defensive end with the Broncos who won a Super Bowl with that team. After retiring from football, he began hunting as a new hobby. Hearing his transition from the stadium field to the forest is an exciting story.

Hunting is an activity that seems to be expanding with each passing year. Whether one is an experienced hunter or starting out, this podcast will likely be informative. New episodes of The Hunting Stories Podcast air weekly on Mondays.

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