Kate Huffman - Body Positivity

Off My Duff - The Entrepreneur Podcast

Mar 18 2021 • 29 mins

Taking her story of body dysmorphia, OCD, and chronic pain on the road as a one-woman comedy show was both terrifying and empowering for Kate Huffman.  Along with her experiences as a Hollywood actress, it encouraged her to be certified in body positivity and life coaching and she is now making an impact in others' lives helping them accept themselves for who they are.

Don’t miss these Highlights:

  • Understanding body dysmorphic disorder and how it can create invasive constant thought about how you perceive yourself to look
  • She developed anorexia at the early age of 10 because of her dream to become an actor and believing she had to have the perfect body
  • How filters and apps are perpetuating this view of the body and ability to digitally enhance instead of acceptance
  • Being influence to action by a TED Talk with Bernie Browns about having the courage to share the story of your heart
  • Mental hacks to help people overcome fear when taking the stage, and being interviewed on tv or podcasts.

About the Guest:

Kate Huffman is an award-winning actor and playwright and a triple-certified body confidence coach. She helps people reclaim the time, energy, and money wasted on the endless war with their bodies so that they can live freely and confidently in alignment with their purpose.  Her world-toured one woman show, I'M TOO FAT FOR THIS SHOW, tells her story of twenty years of eating disorders, OCD, chronic pain, and body dysmorphia. It was the sharing of her story and seeing how many people out there were struggling with similar issues that sent Kate on her path to body acceptance and body positive coaching.

Free Mini Course: Flipping the Switch on Body Hatred:katehuffman.com/freecourse

Facebook Group:Body Positivity for People with Bodies

About the Host:

Duff Gardner is an award-winning 7-figure marketer, startup founder and digital producer.  Today, he leverages his 30+ years in a diverse range of businesses and his journey overcoming a series of out-of-the-blue panic attacks to help impact-driven entrepreneurs leverage the power of what he calls “startup thinking” to start, scale and serve in a big way.  He is the host of the podcast Off My Duff - The Entrepreneur Podcast and Founder of the training company Offers that Sell.  Duff holds an MSc. in Learning Sciences and Information Technology from Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley, is a fierce advocate of LGBT+ rights and animal rescue, and lives in beautiful Victoria BC.  His mantra is: “teach what you love, live from your truth”.