Bradley Hopp - Deliverance & Freedom

Off My Duff - The Entrepreneur Podcast

Mar 18 2021 • 33 mins

Brad Hopp grew up in the 80s during the farm crisis which developed his mindset of people getting together to help out those that may not be able to help themselves.  This attitude eventually led him to found Tehsua Tea Company, which helps those underage girls that have been rescued from sex trafficking, get them the help they need and teach them the skills they need to develop their own economic trade so that they don’t feel they have to return to their former lifestyle.

Don’t miss these Highlights:

  • His inspiration behind wanting to help a friend move from spending time fundraising to completing the important work of rescue and rehabilitation
  • The difference his Foundation makes in comparison to other rescue organizations that provide counseling but no hard skills to support their new lives
  • The dangers of helping these girls when there is corruption in the police force
  • How one brothel owner turned his life around to free the girls and actually produce the tea and coffee for the company and in return support the rescue mission
  • His foray into becoming a non-profit organization to open up different avenues of revenue to keep supporting the mission

About the Guest:

Brad Hopp and his wife Megan have been married for almost 25 years and are parents to six kids ranging in age from 23 and married with their first two grandchildren all the way down to their youngest who is 4. They have homeschooled their two boys and four girls all the way through while still running several businesses.  Brad grew up on a dairy farm in Iowa during the farm crisis years of the early mid 80’s when many farmers were losing their operations. Even though he saw the struggle he also saw the teamwork and community. This impacted his compassion for those who are less fortunate and often forgotten by society. Over the years he has had several different careers including delivering brand new million-dollar fire trucks all over the US. During his travels he started noticing the plague of sex trafficking and wanted to get involved in the fight. He founded Teshua Tea Company as a means to raise funds in the fight against International sex trafficing.

About the Host:

Duff Gardner is an award-winning 7-figure marketer, startup founder and digital producer.  Today, he leverages his 30+ years in a diverse range of businesses and his journey overcoming a series of out-of-the-blue panic attacks to help impact-driven entrepreneurs leverage the power of what he calls “startup thinking” to start, scale and serve in a big way.  He is the host of the podcast Off My Duff - The Entrepreneur Podcast and Founder of the training company Offers that Sell.  Duff holds an MSc. in Learning Sciences and Information Technology from Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley, is a fierce advocate of LGBT+ rights and animal rescue, and lives in beautiful Victoria BC.  His mantra is: “teach what you love, live from your truth”.