The Importance of Defining Your Own Value

The Rutledge Perspective Podcast

Jan 11 2023 • 17 mins

Don’t overthink this, you are valuable! You’re not valuable because of your job, your title, or your income. You’re valuable simply because you exist. If you do not clearly define your own value, external factors will begin to shape how you view yourself as a human being.

As we begin this new year and we look at what we hope to accomplish, it’s important to first establish who we are and where we are. Where you are doesn’t change who you are, it only informs how you show up as who you are and how you navigate through situations. This episode will not only help you define your own self value, it will help you establish a solid foundation and develop your own personal guide towards a meaningful life!

Takeaways 📝

🔑 You are valuable because you’re here.

🔑 Your skills, expertise, and experiences add value but don’t determine value.

🔑 Use who you are and your own integrity as your guide for fulfillment and appreciation.

Homework 📚

Complete this sentence: I am valuable because ____________?

Take some time to think about this.

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