SA378 | Optimize Your Sales Funnel from Start to End with Justin Silverio

How Did They Do It? Real Estate

Feb 25 2022 • 29 mins

Do you want to get better marketing insights to scale up your business? Dive in today as Justin Silverio shares powerful marketing strategies to get high-quality leads using a real estate platform. Don’t miss out to discover more!

Key Takeaways To Listen For

  • Major challenges of transitioning to REI and how to deal with them
  • Tips and processes to create a unique direct mail campaign
  • Why direct mailing is an effective marketing strategy?
  • The ultimate software to manage a complete investment life cycle
  • How to teach children about finances
  • The No. 1 secret to real estate success

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

About Justin Silverio

Justin Silverio is the owner of JS2 Homes, Open Letter Marketing, and Invelo. He has had extensive experience in rehabbing, new construction, wholesaling, and multi-family condo conversions in and around the Boston area since he began real estate investing in 2011.
Justin founded Open Letter Marketing in 2016 with a focus on providing thousands of real estate investors throughout the country with a more effective direct-to-seller marketing approach than other outdated methods. OLM is now recognized as one of the top real estate investor marketing companies and was ranked #814 on the Inc 5000 fastest-growing companies list.

Justin’s newest venture, Invelo, is a next-generation software that spans an investor's full sales and marketing cycle. The aim of the platform is to educate users through best practices and provide them with a well-designed, high-powered platform to pull lists, accurately segment prospects, execute full marketing campaigns, track leads and deals and provide full analytics on the business as a whole. Advanced intelligence and masterclasses are also offered which provide users with actionable steps to improve their business.

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