SA552 | Multifamily Investing with Clarity and Confidence with Natasha Falconi

How Did They Do It? Real Estate

Oct 27 2022 • 23 mins

When you're investing with purpose, success feels more fulfilling and abundant, and this is what we will learn from this conversation with Natasha Falconi. In this episode, she'll share how she makes an impact by assisting people in finding homes and motivating others to create financial stability through multifamily syndication. Get inspired and start generating profits while serving others!

Key Takeaways to Listen for

  • What makes an investing journey more fulfilling?
  • Investment criteria for evaluating a property’s profitability
  • Impacts of having partners in real estate investing
  • A great way to educate yourself about how real estate works
  • Significant questions to ask a sponsor before investing in syndication
  • When is the best time to build a team for your real estate business

Resources Mentioned in This Episode
Free Apartment Syndication Due Diligence Checklist for Passive Investor

About Natasha Falconi

Natasha Falconi is the Founder of Falconi Capital, a real estate investment firm specializing in multi-family real estate with a focus on South Florida.

With a rigorous approach to sourcing properties – Natasha has created a business acquiring class B and C properties with existing cash flow and opportunities for value-add improvement. Natasha firmly believes you can create value for investors while uplifting the assets for the benefit of tenants and the greater community.

With decades of experience in a big 3 accounting firm, responsibilities as a controller and President of a national real estate investment& development company, and Chairwoman of a Florida-based community bank, Natasha keenly understands how investors determine value. Natasha lives in Coral Gables with her husband, Arthur, and their two sons.

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