RS48 - How to establish credibility

Reimagining Success® with Anna Lundberg

Oct 24 2019 • 20 mins

In today's episode, Anna explores how you can establish your credibility when changing to a new field.

After quitting my corporate marketing job in 2013, I initially worked as an independent digital marketing consultant. This was a great way to land on my feet and to use the skills and network that I had built up over my career. But although I was earning 'lots' of money, this wasn't what I had quit my job for: I was still missing the deeper meaning as well as the freedom and flexibility. So the pendulum swung in the other direction and I went through my 'hippie phase'. I decided I didn't want to work with big corporations any more, I didn't want to commute to the client's office, and I didn't want to do marketing at all. As a result, I turned my back on years of experience, expertise and credibility. I then had all the freedom and flexibility - but not so much money! Eventually, I found a way to reconcile my years in business and marketing with my new passion for coaching and I've been able to leverage the credibility of my past while building my credibility in this new field. We'll be exploring how to build your credibility in a new field in this week's podcast episode!

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