Yoga Begins Now

Marc and Heather Titus

For more than 5,000 years, the practice of yoga has effortlessly transcended time, space and culture. Yet suddenly it’s more popular (and more relevant) than ever before! Why? Join the bright, enlightened minds behind the Sedona Yoga Festival (Founder/Director Marc Titus and Producer H. Shereé Titus) as they unpack this and other compelling questions with YOGA BEGINS NOW. This informative and inspirational radio show was created to bring yoga out of the candlelit studio, and into the real world, because no matter what you’ve been told, yoga isn’t just for twentysomethings in spandex. It’s for everyone. Whether you’re young or old, size 00 or XXL, yoga will meet you right where you are. With thoughtful discussion, teacher interviews, special guests and guided practice sessions, you’ll delve beyond the purely physical aspects of yoga, and begin to understand how it supports a healthier, happier, more conscious way of living. Momentum begins with a single moment. And YOGA BEGINS NOW. read less
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