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Derek Padilla and Zak Espley

Physics puzzles and deep dives into physics topics.
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Cosmology and the Arrow of Time
May 16 2021
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Cosmology and the Arrow of TimeIs anything truly Random? w/Special Guest Grant CiffoneHow to Keep TimeEntropy & Statistical MechancisThermodynamicsBenford’s LawPlanck, Einstein, and the Origins of Quantum MechanicsThe Physics of HurricanesHadrons – Quark SystemsNeutrinosThe Standard Model Part 1Domino AmplifierBohmian Mechanics – Pilot Wave TheoryRelative Motion (Not Relativity)Bell’s Theorem and EPRClimbing MagnetsBalloons Inside Balloons and Sweet SpotsFortnite and the Principle of Least ActionEncryption: Diffie-Hellman & RSAGeosynchronous Orbits