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Ask the CFI #16 | 33 Flight Training, Flying & Aviation Career Questions
Apr 20 2020
Ask the CFI #16 | 33 Flight Training, Flying & Aviation Career Questions
on this episode: 1:43 As a very new student, what do you recommend I do to learn/study both towered and non-towered airport communications? 5:16 Which online course do you recommend for ground school refresher? 5:51 What is the procedure to come over to Alaska and finish my commercial license? 6:21 If I wanted to get into flight sim, what are the basics I would need for a home setup? 6:49 When descending from cruise say at 8500 ft, and leaned, do you mixture rich as per landing procedure? 7:35 Is there a difference in students who completed their ground and written before they fly? 9:03 What’s your opinion on accelerated flight training for PPL? 10:44 Number 1 tip for the CFI ride? 12:21 What are you doing to stay current amongst all of this? 13:46 What is the best way to build hours with a PPL? 15:28 Haven’t flow in 4 years… Where do I start? 17:31 How do you keep your CFI knowledge up as a newly rated CFI? 18:25 Who would you recommend spin training to (besides certificates that require it)? 19:50 Tips for staying proficient during this time? 20:13 What’s your opinion on having a minimum maneuvering speed in the pattern? 21:26 Should I become a CFI so I can build hours? 22:27 What are your thoughts on getting my commercial rating before my instrument rating? 23:12 Working on private and studying for oral. Any tips? 25:22 Best way to prep for the written and checkride? 26:19 How do you take care of night requirements during Alaska summer? Do students just wait until winter? 27:01 Just 10 hours in, any advice for getting nauseous during flight training? 28:36 Would a 2nd class medical be important for someone who wants to be a CFI but currently working on PPL? 30:21 What do you think about Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020? 30:34 What’s the story for GA in your country? Here in Italy we can’t fly. 34:00 As a CFI in the US, do you have any tips on teaching the roundout and flare? 36:49 What parts of the regulations do I need to study to eventually open my own flight school, freight, and people moving service? 37:42 What are your top 5-10 GA YouTubers? 39:51 Haven’t flown in 12 years. Any advice for getting back into it? 41:29 How can I have a flight experience in Alaska? 42:07 Can an Indian private pilot license be converted to an FAA PPL? 42:31 Would you ever fly for a commercial airline? 43:12 Any technique for a short field landing precision that has worked well for you? 45:21 Do you think simulators like X-Plane 11 hurt or help a student pilot? Submit questions every Sunday night on Angle of Attack's Instagram: powerful tools for your aviation journey with our courses at Angle of Attack. Join Online Ground School and Checkride ACE at #flying #flighttraining