Claim, Evidence, Reasoning in the Classroom: Set It Up Series 4

The I Heart STEAM Teacher Podcast

May 7 2021 • 12 mins

Claim, Evidence, Reasoning in the K-5 classroom has changed my teacher life, and I’m pretty sure many other elementary teachers! This is part 4 in the Set It Up series!

So, yeah… I remember when it first came across my desk I was hesitant. Why? Well.. because someone is always coming up with a new way to say something, repackage, and basically take the old and make it new in education. That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the terms Claim, Evidence, Reasoning. It looked like the scientific method, went through the same process, but would require me to teach something else to my students.

So what do you need to keep curiosity alive in your classroom? Surely this will take lots of supplies. No, not really. Just a notebook for collecting evidence and going through the process. I do know you may want a place to start. Who doesn’t?

For K-1 teachers… Tiny Minds Science is perfect for getting started and teaching students what science is all about. For students in grades 2-5, I recommend…What is a scientist? It even ends with baking cookies on the sidewalk!

Don’t forget to grab the Ultimate Project-Based Learning classroom guide to help along with all these endeavors! Let me know what you need! Send me an email at !