STEM and Growth Mindset

The I Heart STEAM Teacher Podcast

Aug 11 2021 • 34 mins

This! What a great episode!

Growth mindset is an absolute must for teaching students in any subject area, but for STEM or STEAM, they have to learn how to work through failure and stay positive! Don't we all!

Come take a listen to this incredible story with Ron from the Pick-a-Stic company! I have truly loved using Pick-a-Stics with my family to promote table discussion!!

I can't wait to bring them to the classroom, but I am enjoying them so much at home, I may have to order another set! If you want to know more about Pick-a-Stics... you can find them on Instagram @pickastic. Of course, going straight to the website will give you even more information! Go to the website.

This year needs tons of growth mindset practice with students! Take a look at and grab some free STEAM instructional posters for your classroom that are hot off the presses from me!

Keep STEAMing on!