5 Questions YOU Need to Ask Before Starting STEM Projects

The I Heart STEAM Teacher Podcast

Jul 26 2021 • 28 mins

Back to school STEM or STE(A)M is a crucial time for all elementary teachers.

Why? During the first weeks of school, THIS is when the foundations and fundamentals for a STE(A)M culture can be laid that will benefit all of the core subjects. These foundational posters will help you get started!

Yes… all of the core subjects!

So how should back to school STEM look? Is it a week of STEM challenges? Is it the start of a STEM project? Actually, back to school STEM doesn’t look like this at all! If you want students to benefit more from the STEM or STE(A)M projects that they work on throughout the year, FIRST they need to get what STE(A)M is. We can’t just say the acronym or say the words like science, engineering, and so on.

In this episode, I will share the exact process you should use to begin the school year off with STEM or STEAM. It's so simple... you may thin it's too good to be true! You really must start the year off with back to school STEM this way! So… these definitions listed above… you can grab them here! I’ve got them ready for you to print and use in the classroom!

I know you probably need a little more than just a set of definitions for back to school STEM! If you are a Kindergarten or 1st grade teacher, Tiny Minds STEAM is a complete 5 week introduction to STEAM that will really boost their understanding in many areas beyond just STEM. For teachers in grades 2-5, Introduction to STE(A)M is perfect for you and completely integrated into English Language Arts! Back to school STEM is important and sets the precedence for the year!

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