STEM, Escape Rooms and Cooking? How is this possible?

The I Heart STEAM Teacher Podcast

Jun 22 2021 • 52 mins

Yes... we are going to combine STEM, Escape Rooms, and Cooking!

Meet the STEM Chef... Ashie Bhandiwad! Ashie, a BIOENGINEER, has focused her scientific know how and love for teaching scientific application to children into virtual escape rooms! This passion project was came to life during "the shutdown" when her physical escape rooms geared to children had to close.

Simply AMAZING! I can't wait to see how this project evolves and grows. Teachers, why should you check out Ashie?

  • Expose your students to STEM without all the set up!
  • Engage with curiosity and excitement!
  • Time limits will allow your students to complete during instruction.
  • Let them experience and live through failure!
  • Core subject content practice and understanding involved!

Check out the STEM Chef at
Also find her on Tik Tok (hallelujah!), Instagram, and Facebook @stemchef

I can't wait to try this out with a group of students!

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