How Physical Therapist Justine Prestifilippo DPT transitioned to becoming a Librarian RR 016

Rehab Rebels: Alternative Career Paths for Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, & Speech Language Pathology Professionals

Feb 2 2023 • 28 mins

#016 Listen to Justine's journey from Physical Therapist to Librarian and the challenges she faced. Alternative career change to librarian.

"If you feel like you're burning out and you want to look for something else... Don't feel guilty about it and don't feel like you can't change... There are so many other things that you can pursue, so just don't be afraid."

Justine Prestifilippo is a Physical Therapist who graduated from Arcadia University in Pennsylvania. Even though her original career aspiration was professional Ballet she decided to pursue PT because she had a lot of experience on the patient side, but after working in several clinics she decided to take a new road.

In our conversation, Justine tells us about how she began her PT career However, it was not what she expected as she felt drained from the job.

Due to Covid, she was temporarily furloughed from the clinic where she was working and while looking for a new job, she discovered a new passion when she started working in a public library. First, she started one day a week while trying to find a balance between the clinic and the library. In this episode, Justine tells us about how her new job was what she always wanted and how she feels about helping people from the place she is at right now while creating an impact in her community.

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