How alternative healing and a new perspective lead actor, model, and singer Adania Reyes to an impactful career on people's lives RR 018

Rehab Rebels: Alternative Career Paths for Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, & Speech Language Pathology Professionals

Mar 16 2023 • 47 mins

#018 How alternative healing and a new perspective can lead you to an impactful career on people's lives. Alternative career change to a more impactful meaningful career.

“Don’t limit yourself to what you can do because you never know who you will impact positively. Always remember that you impact people, and there’s always someone looking at you, and you can change someone’s life by being who you are, loving yourself, and being compassionate and kind.”

Adania Reyes is originally from Mexico, but she lives in Canada. She is a model, actress, singer, English teacher, and she runs a photography business.

In our conversation, she told us about how she grew up in Mexico in a family with a lot of sexual and physical abuse. She grew up with a lot of anger and hurt, which led her to be slightly out of control when she was a teenager until she got to high school and entered a local drama club, where she discovered acting and loved it.

Adania realized that her objective in life wasn’t having a career or being successful in her business but was to have an impactful career on people's lives. When she changed her perspective of how she wanted things, her life started to change, and now she just feels happy with what she has now.

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