The Big Screen: How COVID-19 Disrupted and Reshaped Cancer Prevention

Matthew Zachary Worldwide

The Big Screen: How COVID-19 Disrupted and Reshaped Cancer Prevention is a limited educational series about the past, present, and future of cancer detection and its role in improving treatment and health outcomes. Each episode dives deep into the history and value of screening technology, inequities in who gets screened, the role of the pandemic in disrupting early detection, and how improved access and technological advancements in screening will save more lives.

The Big Screen is sponsored in part by Bristol Myers Squibb: Creating a Better Future for People with Cancer. Bristol Myers Squibb is inspired by a single vision — transforming patients’ lives through science. The goal of the company’s cancer research is to deliver medicines that offer each patient a better, healthier life and to make cure a possibility. For more information visit

The Big Screen was also made possible in part with additional support from Daiichi Sankyo and Merck, and through our nonprofit partnership with Stupid Cancer, making adolescent and young adult cancer suck less since 2007. Learn more at

OffScrip Health would like to further acknowledge and express our gratitude to the National Cancer Institute and the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention for their contributions to this series.

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