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Welcome to Fruition Mindset where it’s all about mindset coaching for Christian entrepreneurs! Ever feel like life is passing you by? Do you want to have a purpose-filled business that lights you up? Do you keep procrastinating and putting your dream on the back burner? Are you struggling to get things done in your business (and life)? When I wanted to start my first business over 10 years ago, I was the same way. It didn’t matter how many letters I had behind my name or what my credentials were, I never felt ready or qualified. After I had a session with a coach that totally shifted my perspective, everything changed for me. I’m Kayla Eggenberger, wife, mama, and daughter of the King, and I’m here to tell you that you can transform your mindset, ditch doubt and take confident action in your life and business. Your breakthrough is on the other side of letting go of all of these fears that you have around your business, finally saying yes, and stepping into who God has created you to be and where He’s calling you to go. On this podcast, you’ll learn how to renew your mind, get clarity on your purpose, and stop second guessing yourself so you can finally feel motivated to make your business a priority and create that freedom and flexibility you want in your life. We’ll talk all about how to stop procrastinating, stop over thinking, and make confident decisions so you can walk out your faith with focus and consistency. Time-management goes beyond a better system or a stack of half-used planners. When you have clarity and direction, you’ll feel motivated and be proactive. You’ll learn how to stop avoiding the emotions that are holding you back, implement boundaries, and overcome perfectionism so you can get more done, be more productive, and finally feel good about how you are spending your time (and life!). If you’re ready to develop the mindset you need to take the dreams and goals God has laid on your heart and bring them to fruition, you are in the right place. So fill up your favorite mug, grab your journal, and get ready to take some thoughts captive! Learn: Connect: Instagram: @fruitionmindset Get the FREE Super Simple Life Checkup -> Want to work together? I’m here to help you create a business + life you love. Schedule a Breakthrough Blueprint Consultation -> read less


53 | Stop Wasting Time: 6 Time-suckers You Need to Address Now
Apr 21 2023
53 | Stop Wasting Time: 6 Time-suckers You Need to Address Now
Hey Friend! Ever feel like there’s just never enough time? We’ve all felt like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, but if we want to make the most of the time we have, a great place to start is by addressing the time-sucking behaviors that are stealing this valuable resource. On this episode we are going beyond the social media scrolling that we all know steals time, and we are talking about 6 behaviors you can address now to take back your time. Let’s do it! -- Kayla   LINKS + MENTIONS You know that thing you need to do in your business? Let's get you unstuck so you can actually get it done! Book an Unstuck Session: Join the Facebook Community: Want to learn more? Visit -> Connect on Instagram: Decision Making Resources: Episode 3 - Why Decisions Are So Important and So Hard To Make Episode 4 - 5 Decision-making Mistakes Keeping You Stuck Episode 9 - 3 Strategies to Help You Move Forward When You Are Overthinking Episode 27 - 3 Reasons Why You Avoid Making Decisions and What to Do About It Episode 28 - 5 Questions to Help You Become a More Intentional Decision-Maker Episode 29 - Winning Strategies to Stop Relying on Other People's Opinions and Make Decisions Episode 30 - Stuck in Analysis Paralysis? 5 Clarifying Questions to Get You Moving Forward Episode 33 - Tired of Overthinking? The 4 Savvy Secrets of Confident Decision-Makers Episode 43 - Procrastinating on a Decision? 3 Reasons You Need to Decide Now Worry Resources Episode 25 - 3 Reasons Why Writing Down Your Worries Will Make You Feel Better Scripture: Matthew 6:25-34 Organization Resources Discover your Organization Style Quiz